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JK58 is not a typical creative agency.

JK58 is a creative community that transcend borders - both cultural and geographical - taking traditional agency policies and adapting them to the here and now.

In a constantly developing world, we don’t endeavour to be different for different’s sake, but we see an increasing demand to be intuitive and innovative in adapting to modern-day requirements. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, the following:

Visual: stretching beyond standard brand-related design into photography, film and motion graphics.

Events: combining creativity in production and conceptualization with a proven operational track record.

Music: specializing not only in original composition, performance and production, but also with a proven history of artist bookings and label management.

JK58 does not have clients. JK58 has partners.

JK58 has the ability to deliver what brands need, when they don’t necessarily know what they want. A dedicated team means a marriage of minds between JK58 and its client partners. Choosing the right providers and dispensing with salesmen allow each of our partners to deal directly with a dedicated creative team.

JK58 does. JK58 outdoes.

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