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Since my career started in 1996 I have spent every single day learning about video production, design, editing, marketing, leadership and management.

I have been a production assistant, a producer of a 13 week live to tape TV show, a promotions writer and editor, an advertising producer, a camera operator, an editor, a production manager and I have even acted as an associate creative director for several accounts.

I've done it all. Along the way I have won some pretty impressive awards as well. 2 Regional Emmy Awards, 7 Telly Awards, 4 Aurora Awards, 3 Communicator Awards and 2 Videographer Awards. Even though I have had a lot of success, every day I strive to seek additional knowledge.

What you will see on this page are things I have edited and/or shot, directed or produced. For some of the projects I have worn multiple hats.

I encourage you to look though my work. I am confident you will like what you see.


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