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Long Island City, New York City

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Joseph Golden (J. ManifestO) has loved hip hop ever since he was young. Born in New York, raised in Queens, he recalls getting his first taste of hip hop at his grandfathers house, seeing a Snoop Doggy Dogg video (probably Gin N Juice) on T.V. and has been in love with the music ever since. He started rapping back in 2006 during his senior year in high school after being inspired by his two friends JohnNY U. and J. Monopoly. They were heavily into hip hop as well, and were already rapping before they met. He started writing rhymes and recording songs through a small microphone in his mom's room while she was at work. After a couple months of his new found love, he linked back up with his high school friends, and formed a group called O.I.S.D.. As a group they released several projects, including 2 mix tapes, an EP and an album. Having made music as a group, for over 7 years, J. ManifestO decided to release a solo project. Wanting to showcase his talent away from the group as well as expand his horizons while still representing the crew. "I want people to see that we can shine as individual artists as well as a group." Releasing his first mix tape in the summer of 2012 and receiving good reviews from many blogs and fans, he prepares to release his upcoming project "Vicariously Through Memories" in 2013. Being heavily influenced and inspired by his peers, J. ManifestO surrounds himself with like-minded individuals and aims to keep improving in the art form as well as grow as a person.

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