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For Jonathon MB Hunter, hailing from the majestic coast of Cape Breton has granted him an eye for beauty, and a penchant for storytelling. His youth was self-documented in the form of 35mm stills and Super 8 shorts. In his twenties, he traveled to Toronto to further explore filmmaking. While attending Humber College, he wrote and directed two award winning short films, 'Harvest,' (horror) and 'Visual Virtuoso,' (comedy). What followed was a slew of artistic experiments in all formats and mediums from graphic design to songwriting. Recently, he has traveled the world as both a documentarian and a commercial director with Toronto's OPC//FamilyStyle. 'The Dentist', Hunter's latest film, was selected to screen at the 2013 London International film festival and nominated for best short and best supporting actor for Chris Haralampous.

Written by David C. Grimes

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