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  1. Spec Spots

    by Patrick Kirk subscribed to

    357 Videos / 181 Followers

    Spec Spots is the best place on Vimeo to showcase your spec or commercial contest work. I created this channel when I realized there wasn't an all-encompassing channel for spec or contest commercials.…

  2. Best 5D Mark III Videos

    by phusyn subscribed to

    84 Videos / 1,161 Followers

    This channel is dedicated to some of the Finest 5D Mark III video's posted on Vimeo.

  3. HDSLR Cinematography

    by Ezaram Vambe subscribed to

    2,518 Videos / 4,476 Followers

    A great selection of HD videos that harness the power of DSLR cameras in all their majesty.

  4. creative recreation

    by MOFF subscribed to

    532 Videos / 533 Followers

    creative recreation - dslr video


    by barry barrera subscribed to

    288 Videos / 1,064 Followers

    The new art of Film creation, a new place for the new DSLR FILM MAKERS, where learning and creativity meets.

  6. dslr arthouse

    by Uwe Lansing subscribed to

    602 Videos / 1,091 Followers

    DSLR + DSMC™ Film Making Good videos and ambitious short films also at: "Good, True & Beautiful": http://vimeo.com/groups/63953 "German Art House" http://vimeo.com/groups/arthouse __________________________________

  7. GH2 filmmaking

    by trance blackman subscribed to

    3 Videos / 22 Followers

    films produced with and featuring the GH2, hacked or otherwise.

  8. Visually Delicious

    by Breanna Granzow subscribed to

    205 Videos / 2,496 Followers

    It's all about beautiful visuals telling a story or simply some eye candy.

  9. Fubiz

    by Mathieu Foucher subscribed to

    2,201 Videos / 11.7K Followers

    Daily dose of inspiration - http://www.fubiz.net

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