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Film Director.
Curitiba, São Paulo, Rio.

João Solda first started out as an art director in advertisement agencies as a way in to start working with video. Since then he has dedicated his time writing scripts and shooting independent documentaries and short-films. His love for moving images and stories to be told made him turn the table just in time to pursue his directing career.

To do so, he became an intern in a production company in Curitiba, later on becoming the director's first assistant. Soon after this experience he went on to study film directing in the renown Escuela Internacional de Cine y Television, in Cuba. While in Havana he shot an independent short-film yet to be realeased. Back to Brazil he went on to São Paulo to gain more experience in production companies.

Today he works as a free-lancer in Curitiba where he has directed music videos, short-films for TV and publicity campaigns. He also dedicates his time writing the script for two feature films.

55 41 9779 1011
55 41 3352 9516
55 11 9342 4396
skype: joaogilbertosolda


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