Karol Zerr

Houston, Texas

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Karol Zerr's mission in life is to help others find and secure "their perfect jobs".....And, then, she helps them have successful careers.
Karol has several published books on Amazon, has a consulting business and is focused on "simply helping others" become successful.
Karol's firmly believes that life is too short to be in a job that is not suited to a person's job skills and competencies.
Karol says, "An unsuitable job is kinda like wearing shoes that are too tight or don't fit: after a while you're so miserable you don't care what you do except get rid of the shoes."
A bad-fitting job is the same: you must get out of the job or suffer the consequences of bad physical and mental health. And, worst of all, you will never realize what "could have been" your ultimate career successes and satisfaction.

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