Joel Colombo

Santa Fe, Argentina.

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My name is Joel Colombo, I’m a Multimedia Designer & Art Director with more than 5 years of experience.

I live in the hot & beautiful city of Santa Fe (Argentina) and I’m currently studying the Bachelor’s Degree in Art & Multimedia Design at the Catholic University of Santa Fe.

I specialize in Visual Compositing, Brand Development, Motion Graphics and everything related to Digital Design and New Technologies. I’m always in the search of complementing different concepts, platforms and techniques in order to obtain a much more richer and innovative multimedia experience.

Some of my works have been featured in specialized design websites like Behance, Creattica, Logopond, Logo of the Day, ffffound,

I’m also part of two side projects: Moka & Liquid Torch. The first one is the result of our common wish in creating high quality multimedia pieces for local customers, and the second is focused on designing and developing interfaces for websites and apps.

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