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  1. Kite-Freaks

    by Pete Jamieson joined

    3,608 Videos / 779 Members

    Kite surfing, Kite Land boarding, snow kiting, buggying, dune Jumping. all kite related sports are extreme !! This group page respects the freedom of the sport with all its dangers .... Feel…

  2. Vimeo Weekend Challenge

    by Cameron Christopher joined

    6,085 Videos / 19K Members

    Want to participate in our weekly Challenges? Join the Group to receive messages and new Challenges! Only add relevant videos, please.

  3. ** Outdoor Adventures **

    by Joey Angerone joined

    19.4K Videos / 5,071 Members

    This is where you can post your backpacking, hiking, mountain climbing, snowboarding, biking, surfing, traveling adventure videos! Did you visit the Grand Tetons last year and put together a video?…


    by √an·Lu joined

    5,060 Videos / 245 Members

    "Cuando un verdadero recio aparece en el mundo, lo reconoceréis por este signo: todos los Recios se conjuran con él". BIENVENIDOS! Este es un -decisorio- grupo formado…

  5. GryfTREK

    by Piotr Wojnowski joined

    348 Videos / 75 Members

    Alpinism, Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Drytooling, Trekking

  6. ▲Climb Me (The Mountain Network)

    by ▲ Climb Me joined

    1,328 Videos / 199 Members

    The world needs people who love what they do. Follow us also on Facebook and Twitter on "Climb Me (The Mountain Network)" and @climb_me or contact us by mail: team@climbme.com

  7. Happyclimb - Bouldering & Climbing

    by Bione Happyclimb joined

    2,009 Videos / 317 Members

  8. Climbing is fun

    by Berni Kogler joined

    1,148 Videos / 272 Members

    Climbing + Fun = Life

  9. Fontainebleau Bouldering

    by James Jacobs joined

    531 Videos / 179 Members

    Climbing from the boulders of the forest of fontainebleau Escalade dans les rochers de la forêt de Fontainebleau

  10. climbing

    by masaki divernotes joined

    275 Videos / 29 Members

  11. Magic Lantern User Group

    by a1ex joined

    6,308 Videos / 8,434 Members

    Magic Lantern is an open platform for developing enhancements to the amazing Canon digital SLRs. These cameras are "game changing" for independent film makers. www.magiclantern.fm

  12. Bouldering

    by Savage Films joined

    3,608 Videos / 728 Members

    Bouldering videos from around the globe!

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