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John Connor or "Connor" to his friends has been around film sets since he was born. From Deliverance in the 70's to Top Gun in the 80's. After high school John worked as a production assistant in Commercials and small movies. Eventually getting in the union as a camera "Film" loader and then onto working with his father in the fast paced Episodic TV world for a few years. He moved up the ladder to assistant cameraman, trained by some of the top camera crews. Connor eventually moved away from his father and onto major Features with the crew he had meet along the way, he worked for a few years in the feature world and eventually moved up to Focus Puller. He would spend the next 20 years working on multiple films with Tony Scott, David Fincher, J.J. Abrams and many others. Connor became one of the top in his field. Connor now uses his years of experience and second nature working style as a Cinematographer on Music Video's, commercials and documentaries. His Passion has been short Films for the past few years and now is headed to his first full length Feature "Run the Tide". You can see Connor's progression on as "John T. Connor"


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