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John Darko a Los Angeles native born with 35mm eyesight; sees a world where nothing is impossible. John got his start into filmmaking when he purchased his first video camera at the age of 14, quickly progressing into homemade shorts and filming local musicians, John adapted a new passion to seek after.

Also, during that time John developed his first screenplay “Damaged People”. Years later and after a slew of independent productions mainly including music video’s and the live type affair. John was accepted into the Los Angeles film school where he studied directly underneath Salvador Carrasco; his film “The Other Conquest” is the highest grossing movie to be released by a major studio in Mexico.

Through out the course of his studies, John went on to direct a short film entitled “Where I End and You Begin” a moving piece about a recovering drug addict desperately seeking for self-redemption. Soon after, John and his creative partner Jeremy Thomas took a leave of absence to further develop the script for “5 Ways to Split Apart the Day” a gritty in-your-face tale of urban street-life in it’s rawest form.

John is also the author and founder of “Life and Times in Hollyweird” a blog about the day-to-day lifestyle of a struggling filmmaker living in Hollywood. Also featuring tips and advice on the craft of screenwriting. (johndarko.com)

John proudly stands up for the independent; he reminds himself and others around him daily “as long as you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything”. John also spends his time creatively as an accomplished graphic designer, editor and photographer.

John Darko has since teamed up with Edifix Media Group and Women on Top Productions to fully develop his first feature “5 Ways to Split Apart the Day” which they are now currently
seeking financing for. (5waysfilm.com)

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