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You have undoubtedly seen John Doe’s work before, possibly
without knowing it. You may have heard or read about John Doe in the
media, but since we are John Doe - 'The unidentified' - you would in all
likelihood not have known exactly who we are.

This identity suits John Doe, because we feel it’s all about the work,
not about the people behind the work.
Nonetheless, all the Johns would very much like to get to meet you.

Being a creative agency, John Doe has manifested itself as an all-rounder.
With a mind of its own, John Doe is a full-service advertising agency
based in a historic shipyard in Amsterdam.

With a panoramic view of old steamships and shipbuilding gear to inspire,
all the Johns gained the freedom to come up with fresh campaigns for our current clients: Lada, MTV Networks, MTV UK, MTV Canada, the City of Rotterdam, Bacardi Limón, Bacardi Razz and Cóco, Bacardi Bright, Nieuwe Revu, Martini, Coca-Cola, Tetra Pak, JOHAN football magazine, Mine and KPN.

John Doe Amsterdam was founded by Hein Mevissen, Diederiekje Bok and
Sam Stewart.

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  1. Wow, you did a great job on the post production. How did you make they vulcano? And how did you let it explode? And the texturing on the rocks look great too...
  2. Who are you? Hein Mevissen