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I am an award winning filmmaker from Bangor North Wales and I predominantly work as a writer director, having come from and editing background.

Growing up I always wanted to make films. I would re-enact the films I'd just watched and make genre films with my friends. We would make horror, or adventure, or a western because that is what we were into at the time. However, as I grew up I thought it was an impossible dream to try and make film my vocation. I was literally told by one teacher I had more chance of becoming an astronaut.

After serving in the Army and the civilian Police, I took a chance to do what I had always wanted and attended Bangor University, where I graduated with a first class BA(Hons) in Film Studies before returning to do an MA in Filmmaking where I achieved a Distinction.

My first film was the short documentary When Saturday Comes (2011) about Wales and Bangor City football player Siôn Edwards. I followed this with the award nominated short documentary's Luck (2011) and Amomynus (2011). My first drama short was the multi-award winning NOT (2012) which was a social drama about two young sisters who grow up watching their mother beaten. I followed this with my second short film the award winning psychological drama Long I Stood There (2012). I returned to documentary with the award nominated and BBC 3 showcased Curtains (2013). Set in a women's refuge it discussed the realities of domestic violence.

My films have won multiple awards which include two Royal Television Society awards, and a Celtic Media Festival nomination for my recent drama Jam Man (2013). Here is a collection of some of my work, which includes everything from narrative drama and documentary to some much more experimental pieces. I hope they might show the progression and development of craft, and that we must all start somewhere whether good, bad or indifferent.

Although my work has various creative commons attached to them, I am open, if you wish, for anyone to use, share or alter the work. So please feel free to contact me with your idea.

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