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Monogamous heterosexual 70 year old naturist who has been happily married to the same woman for fifty years.

As a naturist I enjoy doing everyday tasks naked whenever possible and like to make videos to show how normal, non-sexual and relaxing naturism can be.
Although my videos are neither sexual nor erotic some are rather more explicit in their editing for some tastes. These have been made private but can be viewed within Vimeo from my Private Videos group.

While I welcome discussion on the topic of ordinary naturism, I am NOT open to any other form of friendship, discussion or suggestions. Please take them elsewhere.

Please be patient and understanding if I do not respond to all the messages and comments which I receive. Many of them are already covered by earlier public responses and to re-respond to all of them all would occupy too much time.
I will NOT respond to private messages.of a personal nature and persistent offenders are liable to be blocked.

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