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John H. Reynolds pursued his education at the Art Institute of Dallas winning top portfolio in his class. Upon graduation, John began Middlin’ Creative, a company that creates solutions for individuals and companies through visual media. After 10 years, Middlin’ Creative has produced countless corporate videos, commercials, music videos, and television shows that demonstrate creativity, innovation, and high quality production value. John also is an accomplished documentary filmmaker. John has created, produced, and filmed music-based entertainment including The Live at Billy Bob’s music series, The Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, and many other music related documentaries. He has produced a television game show from conception to the airing of 26 episodes on the Veria Network. John’s portfolio also boasts many diverse corporate clients, including Williamson-Dickie, Radio Shack, and United Way. John continues to win awards for his creativity and cinematography through Middlin’ Creative.

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