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Well-travelled Self-shooting DOP & Camera Operator based in Surrey, UK. Also a part time documentary photographer too. This is a showreel of the films and videos I've shot, edited or in most occasions both.

I've filmed 15,000 feet up in the air yet still standing on Terra Firma (...Tibetan Plateau) and 700 metres below ground in mines in Canada, Mexico and Kazakhstan. I've shot from helicopters and microlights and in 29 countries across 6 continents, from temperatures up to 48C in Africa to -10C in Canada with the same enthusiasm, passion and skill.

Footage I shot in Greenland in 2009 made it into a documentary called "Planet RE:Think" for the European Environment Agency and G20 Summit in Brazil, produced by Ace & Ace Films in Denmark.

I'm a Canon C100 owner/operator with comprehensive sound and lighting kit and at the end of the day I'd be very confident on any camera - white balance, exposure, focus and perhaps sound check if solo and away I go.

Major clients I've shot for include Red Bull Racing, Samsung Mobile, Disney, Odeon, IG/Harlequins RFC, The Conservative Party and The Financial Times, by way of varying production companies and agencies.


  1. European Environment Agency
  2. Shoot You Video Production
  3. Camp 4 Collective
  5. toasttv
  6. Boxed TV
  7. Carly Aston
  8. Whisper Films
  9. Mariana Ziadeh Director
  10. Great Panther Silver
  11. Paul Carpenter
  12. Alex Martin - Editor