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John Sacco Films produce high quality, contemporary wedding films. We strive to captivate audiences by producing cinematic wedding movies full of life and emotion.

What truly separates our work from others is our creative eye and artistic approach. When you hire us, you are welcoming a team of artists to your celebration to give you a gift that no one else can.

we love what we do, and we do it well. Your wedding movie will be created in an elegant and "Feature film like" style that will be entertaining now and forever. Every film we produce reflects the unique personality and relationship of each individual couple. What results is a rich composition of real moments captured and preserved on film.

We dedicate ourselves to setting a higher standard of professional wedding cinematography. We are confident that our movies will be watched and shared countless times with your family and friends and bring a life time of joy and memories

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  1. watching this gave me shivers that's how good it is! I hope one day I can get as good as you! and maybe better! =) Your work is a good inspiration ! Love it!
  2. come to Melbourne Australia!