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Award-winning director / editor J.Ollie Lucks is known for his collaborative ethos and ambitious artistic vision. He is passionate about telling authentic stories that give fresh insight into the challenges of our time.

Trained as a filmmaker by Natural History New Zealand, Ollie has made documentary shorts for a variety of inspiring human development campaigns, including Vodafone - World of Difference, New Light for Tonga Power Limited, and Without Rain for Caritas New Zealand. His strong visual aesthetic comes through in the music videos he has made for Knives at Noon, Nick Knox, and Alizarin Lizard. Creative and atmospheric storytelling is at the heart of other recent projects, including the TV3 documentary Wild Man, the short BBC biopic The Characteristics of C-Minor, and his thesis film Plato’s Cave, which won Grand Prize at the Show Us Your Pixels competition.

Ollie is currently based in Melbourne and New Zealand, and is in pre-production for his next project.

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