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Hello! My name is Jordan McGehee. I am the owner and co-founder of Jomac Productions, Inc. I'm a web designer, video producer, and music composer. I have a Bachelor of Arts in music from Dallas Baptist University, which I received in 2003. I recently graduated with an Associate of Arts and programming and web design as well as a certificate in web development. For my logo design I team up with my brother who is a graphic designer and will be ready to design and create your vision for your company branding. I'm excited at the opportunity to work with you and to make your ideas come alive for your business. There are thousands of web designers, video producers, and music producers out there. Why not come to me for all your media needs. The best thing I can say for myself is that I work with an honest work ethic. I care about you as my customer and am willing to go the extra mile to see that your happiness is met. If you are interested in working with me please see contact me at my website

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