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Melbourne, Australia

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I’m a writer-director and cinematographer, with a passion for the art of the visual medium. I admire directors who can enrich the world with unique and visceral imagery which portends concepts, ideals or stories. Film today has become a synthesis of diverse styles and mediums which translate wonderfully from paper onto a digital canvas, and I enjoy thriving in such an industry, among filmmakers and other creatives.

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  • TINYGIANT - Web site for my creative and corporate work.
  • SoundZoo - Web site for my music production work.


  1. James Brereton
  2. Damian Caldarella
  3. Monster & Bear
  4. David  Le May Cinematographer
  5. Oh Yeah Wow
  6. Rob J Berry
  7. Lemo
  8. Tinny Tang
  9. Joe Sill
  10. everdream
  11. Zealous Creative
  12. Vince Gaffney
  13. Mitch Cameron
  14. Eliot Rausch
  15. Leo Bi
  16. Sam de Jong
  17. Owls of the Swamp
  18. Fifth Town Films

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