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My name is Nefertiti Jones but most people call me Nef. I am a casting director, casting everyday people as well as actors in commercials.

I am also a musician who fronts the band, Jonesbones. A pop-rock band with a bit of urban sounds mixed in. My love for music eventually led me to create a music program called Gibson Kids Rock, which provides music to kids in the foster care system. We are in our six-year at Mott Haven Academy in the South Bronx.

I also recently shot a Trailer/Teaser to my memoirs, Alphabet City A City Within A City. The story is about one family's struggles through the concrete jungles during the 70s and 80s. The book is humorous, dark and moving at times. We are currently shopping it to be picked up and turned into a movie. We are releasing the Teaser, November 7th at the Anthology Archive Theater. To learn more visit us at:

Or at our website:

Thanks and I hope to hear from some of you at our facebook page


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