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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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"Perfecting the essential art of capturing an intuitive energy, than translating that felt energy; in-turn capturing the essence of an emotion" - JORDAN GOODEN

My name is Jordan Gooden, I'm self taught in photography and video production. The past 6 years of my life have been dedicated to capturing the human emotion, within a truly natural state of mind.
My shoots are spiritually touching (for myself and models) as two energy's fuse into one, a dual bliss is created (a connected emotional bond). It is only then the opportunity to create (what I call) magic is available.

This is who I am, and a brief understanding of what I do.

"My art will make you FEEL, but only if you want it to. Look beyond the photo set before your eyes".


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  1. words cannot begin to describe what you did here. AMAZING
  2. i felt the sheer beauty of this video. It literally rattled my bones. AMAZING!!!!!