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  1. Coffee

    by karl fisher joined

    29 Videos / 17 Members

  2. Coffee

    by Photography by David L Clark joined

    5 Videos / 4 Members


    by Kevin Clark joined

    45 Videos / 35 Members

  4. Illinois

    by Oasis Lounge Media joined

    11 Videos / 9 Members

    This group is for anyone from Illinois or surrounding areas. The primary purpose of this group is to create a network of peers from which we can all learn, collaborate, and grow as filmmakers.

  5. Midwest Movies

    by Corey joined

    120 Videos / 33 Members

    Midwest Movies is a place to share movies from the midwest. The midwest includes Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio.…

  6. Tilt Shift Effect

    by Brit Williams joined

    4 Videos / 8 Members

  7. Chicago Artists on Vimeo

    by Frederick Husar joined

    15 Videos / 4 Members

    Local Artist Performance Videos - Chicago, Illinois

  8. Chicago Indie Film

    by Jake Moore joined

    32 Videos / 14 Members

    Here's the place to find great Chicago-area independent films, filmmakers and actors!

  9. Edible Chicago

    by Edible Chicago joined

    13 Videos / 4 Members

  10. Chicago Freelancers

    by RTN Chicago joined

    37 Videos / 19 Members

    Join my group if you are a Freelancer in the Chicago-land area. Let's share ideas, resources and get referrals.

  11. Chicago Graffiti and Street Art

    by Brock Brake joined

    14 Videos / 7 Members

  12. Chicago Music Videos and Motion Graphics

    by leondotcom joined

    315 Videos / 122 Members

    Join this group if you are a music video director or an animator/motion graphics artist in the Chicago area! (Join even if you aren't in Chicago!) Any kind of music allowed. We can comment on…

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