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  1. Chicago

    by Craig Newman joined

    3 Videos / 4 Members

  2. Chicago

    by Steven J. Tobiasz joined

    3 Videos / 2 Members


  3. Chicago

    by Niagara Foundation joined

    19 Videos / 2 Members

  4. Chicago Films & Video Production

    by Kwokman2 joined

    491 Videos / 75 Members

    A Network for Local Film Makers & Video Production Professionals.

  5. Video Journalism

    by Robb Montgomery joined

    2,977 Videos / 1,096 Members

    Documentary filmmaking for the Web. Members share and critique each other's films. This is a non-commercial channel.

  6. Chicago

    by Scott Mohrman joined

    474 Videos / 108 Members

    Motion images capturing Chicago as it is everyday.

  7. Short Films

    by Latasha Wilson joined

    3 Videos / 4 Members

    Whether it's a short documentary, an extended PSA, or a short drama, it can still gather an audience's attention. This group is focused on any story for an upcoming artist, someone who succeeded,…

  8. Narrative Fiction

    by James R Byrne joined

    4 Videos / 8 Members

    Short dramas and comedies and everything in between. Laugh a little cry a little, but above all be impressed by the achievement of serious filmmakers dedicated to cinematic storytelling in the short…

  9. Theatre

    by acktor's Theatre joined

    56 Videos / 27 Members

  10. NOIR

    by Onyx Dragon Productions joined

    59 Videos / 52 Members

    Videos that have that certain "noir" quality. Videos with nudity will likely be removed, even if artistic, so it stays a work-safe place to visit.

  11. Short Stories

    by Gino Salerno joined

    52 Videos / 15 Members

    Short films which tell a story.

  12. Doc-Drama

    by Alex joined

    3 Videos / 4 Members

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