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My background is in music - I've worked in various areas, but in the late 90s settled on electroacoustic music; either purely electronic, or mixing electronics and instruments. Since then, I've diversified a lot: digital/electronic music and sound still underpin everything that I do, but collaboration has become a key feature of my work, particularly in the field of dance. My work has become much more varied stylistically, from abstract sonic art to more 'approachable' material. I've also moved into working with video, in a series of fixed-media pieces and an ongoing live multimedia performance project, subliminalTV.

I've got quite a lot of stuff on vimeo now, and it's in no particular order. The best way to look at my work is through the channels I've set up (click the 'channels' button up to the right), which present the clips in a more useful order.


  2. ryoji ikeda studio
  3. Duodezimalsystem
  4. La ignorancia
  5. Chris O'Connor
  6. jeremy carne
  7. Alastair Eilbeck
  8. Vj Ultra
  9. Dieter Vandoren
  10. Neylan Ogutveren
  11. Patrick Saint-Denis
  12. lior ben horin
  13. Paul Prudence
  14. Benoit Maubrey
  15. ZaiTang
  16. CDM
  17. Luke Woodbury
  18. MUTO

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