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New Forest, Hampshire

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I graduated from Southampton Institute with a degree in Film Studies in 2002 and was granted £5000 by the Millennium Commission to create a 5-minute film using local cast and crew. Between the City and the Sea was one of a handful of films that launched the BBC Film Network in 2004 as well as being chosen by Shooting People, the UK’s leading community of independent filmmakers, as part of their very first Mobile Cinema.

Until recently I have focused on creating my super 8mm shorts using a bare bone crew but wanted to take my filmmaking away from the secular genre of experimentation and work on films that were more commercial but still original and independent in flavour. In 2007 I was commissioned with a £10,000 budget by Screen South to direct a 10 minute film ‘Bird Feeder’ for their Digital Shorts scheme. My films have previously shown at Harbour Lights, Southampton; Cinematheque, Brighton and the Cube in Bristol; as well as being part of an OMSK night in Limehouse and various art house venues. Brighton company ‘Final Cut’ has just released one of my films ‘Midst of Paradise’ on their ‘Take Two’ DVD and I have had films reviewed in Aesthetica and Film Int magazine.

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