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J.P. Borchardt is a two-time CTV Cinéfest award winner, as well as a graduate of both the Media Fundamentals and Media Arts programs at Sheridan College.

Over the last 5 years, Borchardt has had a rich and varied experience in the film industry having worked on 6 feature films including 2010's "The Dogfather", 2011's "The Entitled" and 2013's "Pete's Christmas".

Most recently, Borchardt acted as Post Production Supervisor on the teen vampire comedy "I Suck at This" and worked as the Assistant Editor on two other feature films - thriller in the woods "Dead of Winter" (2013 - Arri, RED, 5D workflows) and Serendipity Point Films' horror musical "Stage Fright" (2013 - Arri, 5D workflows).

Borchardt has also cut sound for independent films and television, most notably the first season of "Highways to Fairways" which debuted on TVtropolis in September 2011.

In 2009 and 2010 Borchardt won back to back awards at the CTV Cinéfest International Film Festival for producing and directing two of his own short films - "Shell Shock" and "Singing in the Brain".

From January 2010 - April 2012 and again from May 2013 - Present, Borchardt has worked as Creative Lead (Videographer/Editor) at Angle Media Group, handling corporate and commercial projects in every stage of production from concept through execution to final delivery.

SPECIALTIES: Shooting, Editing, Post Sound, Producing, Directing.

SOFTWARE: Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premiere CC, Pro Tools, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Compressor, Adobe Media Encoder, MPEG Streamclip.

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