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I'm a carbon-based life form. I'm a Los Angeles/Chicago-based music video and commercial director. My work has been selected for a variety of festivals and awards, including: HD Fest, Columbia's Pictional Festival, The Chicago Film Festival, Flicker Fest, Midwest Independent Film Festival, and I’ve won two Telly Awards (for Excellence in Commercial Production (2006) and the International Academy of Visual Arts/W3 Award (2007). Some of my clients include The Verve Pipe (RCA Records), Rachael Yamagata (Arista/RCA Victor), The Baldwin Brothers (TVT Records), Miss Eighty 6-Sarai (Epic Records), The Barenaked Ladies (Nettwerk Music), Oh My God (Split Red Records/WEA), Eli Emily (NoVo Records), Todd Bowie (Machine Records), This Is Me Smiling (Columbia Records/Red Ink), Company of Thieves (Wind-Up Records), Chipotle, The Chicago Sun-Times, ESPN, Comcast, VH-1 & MTV New Media. I graduated from Northwestern University in 2003 with a B.A. in Radio, Television, and Film. Tell your mother, "I love her."

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