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The Akshaya Patra written in book outline is sorted into esoteric degree work. That's how it's written. One is initiated slowly so that what is of value sinks in. But who will really listen, study and work? Honestly, no one. But it is being written so that it is not lost. Each work written progresses to assist to the next. Each future work looks back for assistance from what was written previous to it. Jumping in anywhere is fine, but much will be missed if not understanding what came previous. That is intentional.

The Akshaya Patra is sorted, at present, into 7 volumes. Each volume contains perhaps several books (it is currently being written and rewritten daily)... Volume 1, Book 1, is the first or Neophyte degree work. That does not mean the least, but what is required and the most important for the foundation to stand upon.

Here in the videos I have, so far, left out the bulk of the exercises that are in the written account. This is a judgment to protect the readers. The reason is because they are effective, tested and guaranteed to work as described by personal experience. Terms are used that are common but not always clearly used publicly. Here they are. But if meaning is "assumed" you will be misled. Meaning is the key to the success with anything. Superficial study leads to minimal results. That's a safety net. The "Great Concept" is spread out over the course. What is hinted here is presented there. The growth is something that is dependent upon Time. One has to be processed thru. This is not academic, where the one reads, there is a simple test and a passing grade and you are certified. Every time you pass thru this you will grow. Also, what I consider to have been written and regurgitated ad nausea on the bookshelves, I assume knowledge and try not to repeat. Subject works are out there by the volumes already. They may or may not be correct, but the terms are defined well enough to begin.

My lifelong writing, work and interests privately and professionally have been connected with, as seen here, the Philosophical Mysteries and metaphysical development that serves those interested in Metaphysics, Rosicrucian Philosophy (Eastern, Western), Kabala (Eastern, Western), Freemasonry, Alchemy, Theosophy, Magic and various philosophical forms of Yoga and the Sanathana Dharma...

These are original writings presented here. These are not rewritings or regurgitations of words from other works off the bookshelf. I use the quotations to serve and direct and give confidence. These are introductions to writings based largely upon the Sruti or that which is heard internally and intuited that clarifies meanings that transcend the limitations of books, time and space... as that which is hidden behind the veil of the objective consciousness and academics i.e. inspired primarily from hidden meanings, symbols and causes that are buried in the subtle psyche of the inner lives and inner traditions, and are not those necessarily of academic studies or mundane histories; though they are not ignored. These are not assemblages of broken pottery shards or the like... which is nothing more than the picking up of dead bodies that have been mummified in earth. The Akshaya Patra is alive and the real mystery is not written; just beyond the portal.

I worked for the Rosicrucian Order AMORC for 8 Years in the 1970's. I have unpublished intuited writings that span over 40 years, but these writings of the Akshaya Patra Series have been inspired internally by a devotional relationship with Sai Baba that's grown since the 1980's... This work has evolved over the last 10 or 12 years...

This is a work that grows, unfolds and develops daily. The writing, as it is, is reluctantly the result of personal internal contacts with Sai Baba and others and the many internal requests and promptings; to put out this work; reluctantly accepted, over many years; including an internal visit from Sai Baba just a few weeks prior to his passing in 2010. As a result of this much of this has been reveal, which would otherwise have been concealed.

I came to Sai Baba late, after years of what might be considered intense study in all forms of esoteric practices, religions, science and metaphysics (1988); overly proud probably but not overtly, not unlike most I was interested in core principles, causes and practices in ancient traditions.

I was also hugely influenced by the 16th and 17th Century RC Traditions; and I have worked outside of the box almost exclusively; wanting to know, not what was shown, but what was hidden... It was Sai Baba however who really pointed out the simple path of TRUTH that is hidden and largely missing from the messages on esoteric bookshelves, practices and intiations into the Mysteries that today are written by virtue of conjecture and suppositions thru copyists with vivid imaginations... I think I help demonstrate some of this.

Baba came to me once and chided me; saying, "Is it proper to read another man's mail?" I said, "No." And he replied quite sternly, "Why do you do it?" Meaning, what is true for one, is not necessarily true for another. When you know the Truth, why pretend and follow what is false; which is the meaning for another. God gives "One on One Truth"... Truth is layered with meaning within hierarchical degrees.

After years of studying the academic philosophy, science and history, I deviated from traditional paths being influenced by Frater Erwin Watermeyer at AMORC and the Rosicrucian Teachings at AMORC, the writings of Mdme. Blavatsky, the Mahatmas and many of the works of the original Theosophists and some spiritualists, the writing of the founders of the Western and Eastern Mystery Traditions; including Masonic Traditions, European, Greek and Gnostic Philosophers, Hebrew Kabala and Walter Russell; and this list includes many other adventures along the way; including the private relationship with Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Much of this was the meaning of the "other peoples mail..." As well it had to do with the mundane attributes and not the esoteric attribute of any message meant for the masses.

My great philosophical and mystical love was always that associated with the practice of the Symbol, Sound and Light methods of Ceremonial Magic taught by Frater Erwin Watermeyer in private sessions in Rose Croix University at Rosicrucian Park.

Frater Watermeyer was a German Occultist, Magician, Philosopher, Scientist and personal confidant of Carl Jung before the family fled Nazi Germany. As a young man he had assisted in the collation of the Jungian materials. But, these methods of his took the art of physics, visualization and inner contact and communication; using ceremonial magic, symbols, sound and light to a whole new level; with a practical emphasis in the transitions between the physics of space, time and consciousness. He was not a man but an incredibly powerful phenomenon in the classroom... untouchable...

A great and lifelong friend and confidant who I shared this private work with and also prepared work for, was Frater Lamar Kilgore; a former Officer of the Supreme Grand Lodge of AMORC. In those early years at AMORC I spent many years working in the plays, ritual dramas, ceremonies and was for a time one of the Chanters in the Supreme Grand Lodge. This was good work, but not essential work. It laid down a foundation.

I was, like many others, introduced to practical Alchemy by Frater Albert Riedel of Paracelsus College (Frater Albertus), in the late 70's and early 80's and did attend some of the early classes with Frater Albertus when I was younger, and was also a member of the Philosophers of Nature, until it closed down. I do have a personal alchemical lab and a large library in these subjects, collected over the years, that I have used now and then to grow in the practical traditions... but some things are hard to read anymore; so much comes internally.

These writings that I've introduced here are the introductions, a few pages, from a work that currently covers many thousands of pages... When Baba came to me many times over the years; chiding me with words like, "Why are you not working..." I responded; "I live in the West. No one wants to know..."

As demonstrated; so far I have been right in the assessments. These are written for the future perhaps. Or, they were never meant to come to anything for anyone else. What I do know, is that most people don't know how to make time for much if any of this, but I have to write it regardless. And, to make it easy, I have made these videos to try and introduce it.
"Every being is a pilgrim towards Dharmakshetra (Righteous land), which is also the abode of peace. But, on the way, he or she is led into the by-lanes and alleys of objective pleasure by the senses, to which the person becomes a slave."

"People are eager to know about all kinds of trivialities like the details of others’ lives, other places, etc., but they have no keenness to know their own origin. People are deeply sunk in ignorance about their source and substance, their goals and destiny."

"You are the inheritor of unlimited wealth and fortune, yet you feel like a poor man (pauper). Remove this boundary of ego within your mind – you will then recognize the vastness of yourself"
- Sai Baba


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