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They come from a different century. A time when rococo and wig powder ruled their everyday life. But fate had higher plans for the three brothers. Due to a chain of mysterious events Johann Martinus Bass, Johann Davidus Bass and Johann Domenicus Bass found themselves all of a sudden in the year 2011. Contemporary dance music shook the bottom of their hearts and now they don't want to go back. But nobody is willing to employ the time travellers, so they are forced to search for other ways to earn their gulden. As a freelance-dance-band-collective they now try to fulfil their vision of sublime contrapunctual theme progression combined with energetic electro-rhythms. Listen to the melodies of the electro-clavichord and bathe in the sound of the bass-kettledrum. Feel free to nestle up in the velvet voice of the talkbox and shake a leg in nocturnal restlessness. Ladies and gentlemen! Mesdames et Monsieurs! Feel invited to the Quadrille-Technoide

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