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In an era where music has become a sea of repetitious sound and bombarded with musicians who offer a lack of uniqueness and versatility of vocal range, we bring to you a fresh, young addition to the music scene.His name: Jstavo. His style: smooth, infectious, original sound. He is a talented young artist who is sure to become the world's Prince of Pop Soul. He's ready to take his seat among music's royalty. he was singing in front of the mirror, in the car, and singing his heart out in his bedroom. He loved music and loved to sing.As a child, Boyd would mimic such artists such as Babyface and Michael Jackson, but soon "found" his own voice. It wasn't until Joshua was 13 years old when he realized his voice had power, conviction and passion. Family and friends enjoyed his mellow sound, which had a very unique flair. So he decided to pursue the one thing he truly loved: music. He knew he wanted to become one of the greats like the artists he mimicked as a child, but knew he had his own unique style. he has mesmerized audiences in the United States and as far as Japan. One exec from Def Jam was quoted as saying, “...unique, confident, mysterious, is what J-Stavo is.” While the industry awaits debut, Jstavo is busy creating new sounds and lyrics that his fans can appreciate. . He knows his singing and song-writing talents will be appreciated, and has been patiently awaiting his turn to enthrall audiences with a voice that can only be described as mesmerizing.

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