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Juan M. Borrero was born in Puerto Rico as the youngest of three siblings. At a very early age he showed interest in the arts and in the math’s. With the help and support of family and friends he moved to Miami after graduating high school to pursue studies in computer animation. He received a Master’s Degree in Computer Animation from Ai MIU of Art & Design in Summer 2007. During his studies he started working in tandem with instructors Ahmed Shehata and Alvaro Sanint in their local studio. The experiences he received while working at SYNQ Studios helped develop his skills in character rigging and programming even further. In Summer 2008 Juan Borrero started teaching at Ai MIU as an adjunct instructor in Computer Animation. The following year he was hired at Ai Fort Lauderdale as an adjunct instructor for the Visual Effects and Motion Graphics department. Currently he is working in various personal projects and teaching in Miami, while providing support still to SYNQ studios.

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