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Juan Diaz, BD August 3, 1981. Bogota, Colombia

Diaz is the recipient of the 2013 FACE Award for Culture & Arts awarded by Gulfshore Life Business Magazine and the Porter Goss Award in 1999 . Diaz is the oldest child and only son of three children born to a closely-knit family in Bogotá Colombia, South America.

In early 2006, Diaz met renowned artist Jonathan Green who resides in Naples, Florida. Mr. Green was impressed with his compositional skills and his outstanding use of geometric planes and understanding of perspective. Diaz's style and early mastery in drawing and the use of oils earned him a range of awards for Best in Show and various scholarships from the VonLibeig Art Center and the Marco Island Art League. Juan continued to independently study the works, styles, and techniques of master artists from the United States, Europe and South America.

Diaz's father, also an artist was a professional sculptor and ceramist in Colombia who graduated from the National University in Colombia with an emphasis in fine art. During Juan's childhood, his father recognized his son’s natural creative intelligence and artist gifts within the first five years of his life. At age 13 Juan accompanied his father when he moved to the United States. Shortly thereafter, his mother and two sisters joined Juan and his father who were residing in Naples, Florida.

Diaz has participated in classes offered by the VonLiebig Art Center in Naples and submitted works for exhibitions at the VonLiebig Art Center and the Marco Island Art League in Florida.

He has been part of multiple mayor group and solo exhibitions in the south of the US, he’s been exploring performance art and installations art, and is consider one of the most innovative artist in SW Florida.

He continues to live and work in his studio in Naples, FL

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