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Atlanta, GA

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JUDI CHICAGO exists in a parallel universe where beef burgers can rap and alcho-pop whippets puke neon hues over the pavements of the weekend

Since 2006 the three multi-instrumentalists Travis Thatcher, James Joyce and British-born ATL transplant Benjamin Coleman have concocted a surreal blend of acid house, futurist disco, 8-Bit Bleeps, the whooping and clattering of art-punk, the good-time stomp of Glam Rock and the rhythm and grind of ragga, jungle, booty bass and UK Garage.

Judi Chicago wields an arsenal of new and old electronic instruments, many of them modified, circuit-bent or designed and built from scratch, such as Thatcher's 'Voice of Saturn' synthesizer. Adding live percussion, guitars, bass, horns and anything else that they get their hands on, JUDI CHICAGO makes a dazzling mess that bucks the conventions of live electronic music in favor of spontaneity and risk.

Anyone who's seen JUDI CHICAGO will tell you they are a thrilling, unpredictable live act: the group moves the crowd at every show. Thatcher, Joyce and Coleman have shared stages with the likes of Battles, Bonde Do Role, Dan Deacon, Datarock, Kevin Blechdom and many others. They are Judi Chicago and they will move your body.

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