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São Paulo - Brasil

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Juliana Curi started her carrer directing the TV show "Base MTV" for MTV Brazil and began an interesting experience working inside the TV's Creative Department, working on promos, animation, vignettes and videos. 
In 2008 she wrote and directed his first short film, “Vintage”, which was selected by TNT to air in Latin America, Japan and United States. The short film was also screened at the Cine-Vitoria and Mix Brazil Festival.
Feature Films have always been Juliana's true passion. In 2010 after winning an incentive prize to develop her first feature film's script, Juliana dedicated her full time to writing and by the time the script was finished she managed to sign the contract to produce it with Award Winning Production Company ParanoidBR. “Meu Elvis” (My Elvis) is in pre-production phase.
Juliana has been flirting with advertising commercials for a long time and in 2013 she signed with Argentinan Production Company Landia who had recently opened an office in Sao Paulo and already stands out amongst the most creative Production Companies. Though Landia Juliana has directed and co-directed with a few of Landia's top directors commercials for Coca-Cola, Sony, Ford, Honda.


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