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Copenhagen, Denmark

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Check out my videos - they range from rhythmic music videos to artsy projects. You are welcome to visit:
My website juliemalmstroem.com
A website where I write articles about music, film and photography: seeviomedia.com
My youtube Channel: youtube.com/user/juliesunflowers
My Instagram: instagram.com/juliesunflowers

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  1. David Dean Burkhart
  2. Copenhagen Art Festival
  3. Western Kentucky Photojournalism
  4. Tobias Stretch
  5. Sofie Boysen

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  1. I'm confused, it says the "check project" displays all the "actions you have applied will be displayed on the bottom" - but isn't this section showing the settings that are missing/not filled out? Hence the name "check project" ?
  2. only mutes should be allowed to have an electronic voice talk for them... ! :0)