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2diceproductionz is run by Juliette S Dalton, a broad range experienced artist with a unique emotion for directing, filming and editing.

2diceproductionz is a video production business run by Juliette S Dalton. 2diceproductionz offers services for directing, filming and editing video clips and still photographs. Clients use these videos and photographs for promotion, instruction, communication and demonstration.

This year 2diceproductionz has worked with client such as, Jazz & Blues Tv, Spirit of London Awards, Saatchi & Saatchi, San Miguel, Clarks, Company Magazine, Rimmel, Jessie Ware, Lucy Rose, Ren Harvieu, Delilah, Lady Lykez, Edward Lloyd Trust, West London action for Children, Revolution West End Show, Yes Program, just to name a few..

Previously Juliette has Managed Musicians such as Lady Lykez, United Vibrations, 12tone Brass band and Speech Debelle. She now provides a Management Consultancy services and Tour Manages.

Juliette continues to create the Spirit of London Awards 30 Nominee videos and this year it will take place on December 10th at the O2 Arena in Greenwich, London. Juliette has also been appointed Director of Film. ;)

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