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Edinburgh, Berlin, Avignon

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the spirited Julien Pearly is born in Edinburgh, Scotland 2001, 20 years after my natural birth.

he is a child flying, dancing around, a singer songwriter who became filmmaker to express himself truthfully, all he needs for creating poetry is portable: A pen, a ukulele/guitar, a 7D cam and a laptop. This way he is always ready to leave home for the road. His spirit is very young though his mind is not and he has memories of many places, people, times of the past. He knows loads about the world, though he hasn't seen and learn enough of it, and never will.


Pundigrion Forum§ is a starting point for people of different ages, nationalities and abilities to explore the different possibilities of narrative story telling in films, documentaries, music videos and live performances. Through the mergence of different art worlds and immersive cinema techniques, emerging artists, practitioners and academics will debate on the actual scene and its result on our mental state, using not only words but any other artistic languages.

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