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Life is beautiful and being able to capture a lot of different things is what I love to do. Everyone has a story, myself included, and finding a story from everyday life is what's exciting to me. Using any type of camera to capture a moment in time is the most important thing we can do. Then that's when the fun begins.....editing. Putting those pieces together into a final edited piece to capture the moment, tell a story with your style, and just make something fun to watch. Look for that inspiration and go capture the moments in your life that you want to remember.

Make sure to head on over to my heavensent films vimeo page for more videos and info - vimeo.com/heavensentfilms

Want to see more about who I am and what heavensent films is all about then go check out heavensentfilms.com

Follow for daily updates on current projects, behind the scenes pics, and gear I use daily.
Twitter: @heavensentfilms
Facebook: @heavensentfilms by Justin Adkinson
Instagram: @heavensentfilms

Also check out my wife and our new company Hailey Jasmine Designs. We are designing custom wood signs that bring hope and joy to your home. For more info go to etsy.com/shop/HaileyJasmineDesigns and follow us on twitter @haileyjdesigns.

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