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Justin has recently finished producing and directing the Mountains and Deserts episodes of Wild Horizons new Wild North America series for the Discovery Channel. He is now at the BBC NHU as development producer on
the One Planet series.

Before joining Wild Horizons, Justin was a producer for the world-renowned BBC Natural History Unit. He travelled to the High Arctic in 2003 to present he BBC Radio 4 programme Among Arctic Wolves, which the Mail on Sunday and Daily Telegraph made ‘pick of the day’.

‘An icily atmospheric documentary in sound, that delivers more images than
any film. Sometimes the pictures really are better on radio’ Mail on Sunday

He went on to work as an Assistant Producer on the four-times Emmy Awardwinning Planet Earth series, filming in Madagascar, Borneo, America, and Australia for the episodes on Caves, Deserts, and Ice Worlds.

Justin Produced the opening episode for BBC 1’s Nature’s Great Events series titled The Great Melt. Filming for the series took him from Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic to the northern limits of Canada in search of polar bears.

‘This is an hour crammed with gasp inducing moments, vast canyons of ice,
torrents of water cascading off the tops of sheer white cliffs and the sudden
repainting of the landscape into brown and green. There is limitless
entertainment here and awe for both adults and older children.
It’s a real humdinger of an epic. Five Stars.’ Daily Mail 8th Feb

Justin has 16 years experience working across the natural history genre, from big budget blue chip to fast turn around one off docs. He has a track record of working in difficult locations with complex contributors. He prides himself on a history of good relationships built with top camera, editing and production
team talent. He has experienced the pressure of producing an opening episode for a large-scale BBC 1 production and has been interviewed widely across the BBC for publicity pieces, including BBC Breakfast and National Radio.


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