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  1. Outside Adventure Media

    Outside Adventure Media PRO Basalt, Colorado


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    Hi. I'm Barry Stevenson and I am an EMMY® Award-winning producer and award-winning documentary filmmaker. I launched Outside Adventure Media in late 2012 to do what I love most - to tell exciting stories with compelling video. Visit www.outsideadventuremedia.com for video samples and more…

  2. VASST and Sundance Media Group

    VASST and Sundance Media Group Plus Stockton, UT


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    VASST is Video Audio Software Support Training. http://www.vasst.com is our website where you can view and/or purchase full-resolution training DVDs, find free training tutorials, and download free tools for your NLE system.

  3. Randy Halverson

    Randy Halverson Plus South Dakota, Wisconsin


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    Night and Astro timelapse Tempest Milky Way won over all and audience choice, 2011 Chronos Film Festival You can email me at dakotalapse@gmail.com Follow https://plus.google.com/115274420552571826637/posts http://www.twitter.com/dakotalapse http://www.facebook.com/DakotaLapse

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