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In 1994 an exciting project to build a replica of His Majesty's Britannia gained Her Majesty the Queens blessing. Her hull was commissioned and built, however the project was never completed and Britannia sat unfinished for nearly 8 years.

In late 2011 Britannia was acquired to be used for maritime education, charity fundraises, and a whole range of charitable causes. Thus "K1 Britannia" was born with the goal to complete the rebuild of the vessel to the same standard and specification of the original, and to reclaim the history of this iconic vessel.

Britannia was towed from Norway to the Isle of Wight in February 2012, where she was lifted by an Apache floating crane, and placed in her cradle so that the designing, engineering, and refitting work could commence.

She is now being stripped and prepared for her refit at Venture Quays in East Cowes. Upon completion in 15 months time she is purposed to be used for a whole range of charitable causes. Her overal length will measure 52m with a staggeringly tall 55m mast, the tallest wooden mast in the world!

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