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Hi my name is Kai. kaikueken.tumblr.com
I like Indian food, 60min Compact Cassette, lomography, the sea and the beach, skateboarding, old bicycles, 35mm slide film, self-made mixtapes, dogs, Clint Eastwood movies, music by the Beatsteaks, Jamie T. & Eels, pancakes, cold beer, lighthouses, graffiti art,VW Busses, summer, hands-free bike ride, to travel, guitar solo by Metallica, to go to work, snowboarding, fresh orangejuce, bubbels, old hiphop music, vinyl..and a lot more ;-P

I do´t care to go slowly in the city, cold pizza, smoking, have no time value, hangover, writing tests, bike ride in the rain, scraper, snow in the shoes, VHS, rosenkohl, annoying people, clean up, cat hair, stair climb, broken mini ramps, dispute, pollution .... so enjoy the videos. Cheers from the baltic.

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