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Kaira Akita is best known for her scene stealing comedic roles in the #1 box office hits Why Did I Get Married and The Family That Preys, as well as her leading role as "Diva" in Somebodies - the Sundance film turned critically acclaimed television series. Other film and television credits include Meet the Browns, House of Payne, Drop Dead Diva, Little Britain USA, and Road Trip Beer Pong. A skilled sketch comedy actress, Kaira became an audience favorite for her animated, physical comedy style during three years of live performances with Sketchworks, Atlanta's premiere sketch comedy group. She has also directed and produced original comedy content for Russell Simmon's All Def Digital and LA Comedy Shorts. Currently, Kaira stars as America's Most Clueless Fashionista in her original comedy series What Would Doris Do. She is also the founder of Reality Revolution, a development company that cultivates a new brand of reality television for women, minorities, and spirituality.

Born in Washington DC, raised in Germany, and now living in Los Angeles by way of Atlanta, Kaira's diverse experiences, multiple gifts, and unique point of view set her apart on camera and beyond. She is passionate about using her platform in entertainment to shape culture and promote individual excellence.

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