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Afghanistan , England

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Sahra Mosawi is a freelance documentary filmmaker, based in Afghanistan. After her MA documentary degree in university of the Arts London she follow her passion in documentaries. Over her academic years, Sahra has worked extensively in collaboration with local authority bodies on several productions in Nepal, Afghanistan and Iran and UK.
In her documentaries she showcases immigration issues between Iran, Afghanistan and UK and also especially on women issue which include work, family force and divorce issues.
She made several documentary films, which was nominated in different film festival around the world.


•(American documentary Film Festival): Nomination “Beyond the Burqa” in April 2013.
• BIFF 2013 (Beloit International Film Festival) Nomination my documentary (Beyond the Burqa) for 2013.
• Fallbrook International Film Festival: Nomination my documentary (Beyond the Burqa) for 2013.
•(Middle East Film Festival in Florence Italy) Nomination (Kaloo School) April 2013
• International human Right film festival Prague: nomination my documentary (kaloo school) for 2013.
•IDFA (International film festival Amsterdam) 2012: Nomination (Kaloo School)
•WMM film festival in Boston USA 2012: official Selection for documentary (Kaloo school) as a finalist and screening.
•Women voice now film festival in USA 2010: official selection for documentary (A day of my life).


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