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Your company's success depends on having the right data at the right time in the right place. Kapow's innovative "browser-based data integration" approach gives you the freshest and most accurate data delivered precisely where and when you need it — quickly and cost effectively. The Kapow Katalyst™ platform is the first enterprise data integration platform specifically for rapid delivery of data to any application and any device. Kapow Katalyst automatically extracts data from virtually any source on the web, across the enterprise or in the cloud — without requiring those sources to have APIs. After extracting the data, Katalyst then applies business rules to transform data to make it more useful, integrates data with other systems to ensure its completeness, and then migrates data to any target destination, including mobile devices.

Data is everywhere but it's difficult to get at because most applications and websites do not have published APIs. As a result, IT has long struggled with writing code to extract, transform, integrate and migrate data to and from the many internal and external systems in which it resides.

Kapow provides a revolutionary new way to solve the data delivery challenge. Kapow delivers high-quality, accurate data to your business as much as 90% faster and 80% cheaper than other methods, with 100% data accuracy.

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