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Dennis Friebe (Born October 22, 1983) is a magician under the name Kardenni (Car - Denny). Born in Bad Nauheim Germany, he mainly works in the United States of America but is known to travel world wide.

Dennis arriving to Portland Oregon USA in 1994 where he began to study and learn the art of magic and acting. Being a fan of vaudeville and character driven performances he adopted the name Kardenni to pay homage to famous master magician Cardini.

Honing his art and skills Kardenni created his style and ideas of magic in the Portland area at magic shops, events and restaurants. Kardenni Traveled the US frequently for Trade Shows and earned multiple international awards for his performances.

After touring Europe for a couple of years, in 2008 Kardenni landed a regular evening show on the main stage as resident magician at Discovery Cruise Lines.

In 2010 he move to one of the top Entertainment Destinations and most magical place in the World; Orlando, Florida.

Currently Kardenni can be found regularly performing magic at Walt Disney World’s Boardwalk Resort.

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