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London (a posh bit)

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Karel was born of Czech political refugees. He had an unconventional start in the entertainment industry at Soho's infamous Gargoyle Club and the early days of the comparatively respectable Comedy Store.

He moved on to West End Theatre (Evita, Amadeus, Sweeney Tood, etc.), The National Theatre, and rep and fringe productions: lighting Zoo Story, Yerma, Abigails’s Party and directed fringe productions like Therese Raquin.

Since film school, Karel has directed 30 docs, pilots, and short dramas, including several in 3D, and been DoP on 40 productions.

He has crewed on 200 TV commercials (Ridley Scott, Tony Kaye, David Bailey...) promos (INXS, Paul McCartney, Texas...) and features (Interview With A Vampire, Muppets Treasure Island, Bourne Ultimatum...).

He has recently gained a MA in Stereo 3D, and moved into creating immersive 3D environments.

But Karel’s most enduring claim to fame must surely be when he dumped a bucket of warm water over Elaine Paige on the opening night of Cats.
His temper has since improved, but he still refuses to make a public apology. He lives across the road from Russell Brand, and knows how to curse in Romanian.


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