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Email me links to your work, share your ideas with me, tell me something good and I will pay attention.

ABOUT ME ::: I love Vimeo. I love the internet. I like to stay behind the scenes. But, I like to be at the forefront of good ideas and good content creating. I am a music luver. In fact I know good music before you do. Some consider me a internet know-it-all. I'm a right-brained, soul child. For a living I am a good idea provider, social-media samurai, brand strategist and explorer of culture and entertainment.

MORE ABOUT ME ::: I find white condiments nasty. Mustard is the scariest. Music is my pacemaker. Dancing is my exercise. I stay up late. I am always eager for more. I get bored with nothing. I abuse the word obsessed. I am a magnet for funk. I am a pioneer of many weird voices. I can't tell jokes. I mess up sayings. I have really rad handwriting. I dig the style of the 1920's. I love a good time out. Every now and then I have a mental breakdown and think that I hate the internet and then I disconnect for a bit and find myself in love again.

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