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From drawing on walls, to drawing on the furniture in and around the house, I was sent off to university to draw on other people’s things.

In Potchefstroom, in the North-West province of South Africa, I studied graphic design at the North-West University . Fine arts never found me in Potchefstroom but graphic design introduced a narrative form of drawing – illustration. A couple of years later I decided to rediscover my roots and I left Potchefstroom - to the small town of Langebaan, in the West Coast of SA.

The West Coast set the scene for a new exploration in the form of painting and photography and this combination, grew to be my second love. I joined some group exhibitions, which were held around the Langebaan area and I held a couple of solo exhibitions in town. The idea of painting I loved, but the idea behind what media could do, made me want to learn more about the moving image.

More is more and media was changing, so I moved to Pretoria (a small city within the big heart of South Africa). I studied multimedia at The School of Visual Communication firstly to specialize in Illustration, but I got sidetracked to do film for four amazing, hard-working years and earned a BA Hons in Visual Communication and now I have finally come full circle.

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